Getting a referral from another attorney is one of the highest honors Jerrold Mayro feels an attorney can receive.  Getting praise for your work after the referral is even better.  Here are a few quotes received from attorneys who have referred him cases during the past couple years:

“I would highly recommend Attorney Mayro to anyone injured in Arizona. He handled a matter for me and got an excellent result for my client. The matter was handled expeditiously and my client is thrilled with the result.”
Attorney Kevin Lomupo of Pennsylvania, 2010; worked performed in 2009-2010
“Jerry Mayro handled a wrongful death case for my firm in Arizona and he did a great job.”
Attorney Michael J. Sternberg of Pennsylvania, 2008; work performed in 2007
“Obviously, Jerry Mayro is a ArizonaTLA member. I’ve referred him a […] case and it went quite well for the clients. I’d highly recommend him!”
Arizona Attorney Joey Flynn, 2007; work performed in 2004-2005
“Jerry came highly recommended from 2 of my mates but exceeded all expectations!”
Attorney Jay Abramowitch of Pennsylvania, 2008; work performed in 2008
“Our fellow ArizonaTLA member, Jerry Mayro.  He did a […] case for me with a great result.”
Arizona Attorney Joey Flynn 2009; work performed in 2004-2005
“I again wanted to thank you […] for the expeditious manner in which you handled the entire matter.  I think the result is terrific and I am sure the clients were thrilled with the outcome.”
Attorney Jay Abramowitch of Pennsylvania, 2008; work performed in 2008

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*Attorneys noted had firsthand knowledge of the underlying facts of the case and received a division of the fee.