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Having represented clients with amputation injuries over the years, I have come to appreciate that you have lots of questions about your situation. As your personal injury lawyer, my primary job is to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries. However, I will also try to answer some of your questions and point you to resources that can help you. Coping with the loss of a limb can take its toll physically, emotionally and financially. When another party’s negligence results in an amputation injury, it is necessary that you consult with an amputation injury attorney to determine if you are entitled to receive compensation to aid in the recovery ahead.

Common Causes of Amputations

Amputation injuries can happen anywhere. Common scenarios in which amputations occur include:

Jobs that are at Higher Risk for Amputation Injuries

Yes, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Protection has been provided which raises the minimum age to 18 years in occupations that generally deal with bakery machines, paper products machines, circular saws, band saws, guillotine shears as well as power-driven woodworking machines, metal forming, punching and shearing machines. Personal injuries are common for those working with this type of equipment, but especially for those under age.

Secondary Problems that may Result from Amputation

A new amputee may face a number of issues related to their limb loss, including:

  • Grief over limb loss
  • Surgical complications
  • Skin problems

Additional Medical Services

A person’s care will depend greatly on overall health prior to the amputation. If a person is a candidate for a prosthetic then several visits will be required for fittings. Once a proper fitting prosthesis has been placed, typically some physical or occupational therapy will be needed for gait training. Emotional assistance may also be needed to adjust to the limb loss.

Limb Loss vs. Limb Difference

Limb loss refers to the absence of any part of an arm or a leg which results from surgical or traumatic amputation, while limb differences refer to the complete or partial absence of limbs at birth. More than 185,000 new amputations are performed in the United States each year. The prevalence rate is higher among those who are 65 and older. Arizona personal injury attorney, Jerrold Mayro, has helped amputees get the compensation and justice they deserve; please let Mr. Mayro help you, too.

Phantom Pain

According to the Amputee Coalition of America, roughly 80 percent of all amputees will experience pain in their residual limb or as “phantom pain,” which feels as if the pain resides in part of the limb that is missing. Residual limb pain is presumed to come from injuries to the nerves at the site of amputation, while “phantom pain” is thought to originate in the brain. This is due to the way the brain functions; a part of the brain controlled the previously attached limb, but when it was amputated, other areas of the brain must fill in.


Amputees have a long recovery ahead. In addition to physical therapy, most amputees wear a prosthetic, which can cost upwards of $70,000 and must be replaced every few years.

Adapting to your new quality of life after an amputation takes an enormous physical, emotional, and financial toll. When another party’s negligence or misconduct causes an amputation, an experienced amputation injury attorney may be able to help you receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Necessary prosthetics
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Emotional suffering
  • Phantom limb pain, which occurs when the brain continues sending signals to the lost limb
  • Loss of relationship

Importance of an Amputation Injury Attorney

Amputation injuries require your full devotion. For those fortunate enough to have a strong circle of family and friends, adjusting to a new quality of life can be an easier process. However, regardless of your surrounding loved ones, it is extremely difficult to handle the emotional strain and financial drain caused by an amputation injury.

Fighting to receive compensation for your injuries should be a task for an experienced, amputation injury attorney. You should be spending your energy focusing on your recovery while your attorney devotes his energy to holding negligent parties accountable.

Personal injury attorney Jerrold A. Mayro understands your needs and demands. His compassion for your injury and devotion to your case means he will do everything within his power to obtain a maximum amount of compensation for your damages.

If you have suffered an amputation injury in the Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale or Tucson, Arizona area, please contact The Mayro Law Firm today or call (602) 604-8400 to schedule a consultation with Jerrold A. Mayro.