I was watching the movie Rocky early one Sunday morning. Rocky, of course, is about the decent, down and out boxer the establishment decides would be the perfect foil for the champ to fight and from which to profit. Out of nowhere, Rocky finds himself in an uncomfortable and bewildering situation–he finds himself fighting for the championship of the world. An inexperienced Rocky senses he can’t do it alone; but he does the right thing. He reaches out for help and gets it. He hires the manager he needs, the manager who has been through it before. Rocky goes on and eventually beats the champ.

Many of my clients are the Rockys of the world. They are good and decent folks doing the best they can when suddenly and without warning they get a left hook they didn’t see coming. Their familiar world has been turned upside down; they’ve been injured and need medical care. They are confused and feel uncomfortable talking to an insurance company that represents someone who has a totally different agenda.

They did the right thing. They contacted The Mayro Law Firm and spoke with personal injury attorney Jerrold A. Mayro. We will fight for your rights.

When you’ve been in a car accident or the subject of someone’s negligence, contact The Mayro Law Firm.

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