How to Handle a Car Accident

Your behavior immediately following an auto accident can greatly influence the amount of compensation you receive for your personal injuries and property damages. You should call Jerrold Mayro immediately following an accident to discuss your case.  What you don’t know could hurt your potential case.

Essential Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

The aftermath of an vehicle accident can be stressful and incite emotions we are not accustomed to experiencing. It is essential that you maintain a clear head and behave in a positive manner.

Immediately survey personal injuries, notify police of the accident and request medical assistance. Once these steps are completed, be sure to exchange vital information with other involved parties.

Enhancing Your Chances in Court

After ensuring that the police have been notified and medical help is en route for injured parties, you can enhance your chances of maximizing compensation for your damages by:

  • Photographing the accident site and any sustained injuries. You can use your camera phone to document this
  • Talking with all potential witnesses and recording their contact information
  • Maintaining related records, including medical bills and doctor visits
  • Consulting with an experienced, auto accident attorney

What Not to do After an Auto Accident

In addition to essential actions you must take in the aftermath of an auto accident, you also must avoid behavior that may limit or completely nullify the compensation you are entitled to.

Behavior of this nature includes:

  • Not accepting medical treatment at the accident site – Often, adrenaline masks sustained injuries. If you refuse medical treatment at the accident site and later recognize an injury, insurance companies may use your behavior immediately following the accident against you
  • Not cooperating with the police
  • Blurting out an apology – Even if you were not at fault, by claiming fault or exclaiming an apology at the accident site, you are implying guilt and may limit your compensation
  • Signing or providing a written or recorded statement to your insurance company – While you should immediately contact your insurance company, providing such a statement  before consulting with an auto accident attorney may reduce future compensation

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