Questions about Truck Accidents

Are truck accidents more fatal than auto accidents?

Due to the massive size of trucks, the likelihood for a truck to rollover or jack-knife during a collision drastically increases. As a result, these dangerous outcomes increase the likelihood of a fatality during a truck accident.

What regulations exist in order to prevent truck accidents?

Federal and AZ truck laws exist in order to curb the amount of truck accidents that occur. However, truckers and their companies often bypass these regulations in an attempt to minimize operating costs. When regulations are neglected and a truck accident occurs, an experienced truck accident attorney can help you obtain full compensation for your property damage and personal injury case.

Trucking regulations that exist include:

  • Maintaining a driving log
  • Making regular stops to get weighed
  • Limiting the amount of time a driver is allowed behind the wheel

What are truck accident victims entitled to?

Each accident is unique and there is no set standard on compensation entitled to a victim. With the guidance of a truck accident attorney on your side, it is possible to receive compensation for:

  • Loss of wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Car repair or replacement

I am being offered money to settle immediately. Should I agree?

It is essential that you never settle before consulting with an experienced auto accident attorney.

Truck companies can be massive in size and employ insurance companies that may have mastered the art of coercion and persuasion. The settlement they are offering you may never be comparable to the true compensation you are entitled to under law.

Regardless of the extent of your medical bills, consulting with a truck accident attorney is vital before signing a statement or agreeing to settle.

How do truck accidents occur?

Numerous factors can cause truck accidents. Often, truck accidents are a direct result of a driver neglecting federal and state regulations. When negligence is apparent, a skilled, truck accident attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement far higher than the company’s insurance agents are presently offering.

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