Being Petty

Being Petty

Tom Petty is one of my favorite musicians. Yet he is more than that. I have heard him described as a craftsman. He creates the lyrics and melody, then molds them into a finished product, a song. Yet, there are many composers. Tom Petty goes well beyond that; he creates seamless music that is also compelling.

A lawyer also has to be a craftsperson in portraying what happened to his client in an honest and compelling way. There is also a process involved. A lawyer starts with the facts and analyzes them. A lawyer researches the law and applies it to those facts. He or she attempts to combine them to create a theme, then writes, rewrites and refines that theme into a compelling finished product, a portrait of what happened to the client. With all the magical elements of a great song about to be sung, a lawyer’s presentation can then flow from that finished product.

Sounds simple? Hardly. It can be a tedious process. Every word has to communicate a meaning; there can be no excess. The words must flow and be compelling. A portrait of the client before and after the unfortunate event must be as contrasting as day and night.

My father used to tell me as a child that genius is 1% natural ability and 99% hard work. I have stayed up many a night trying to create, write and refine my thoughts. Sometimes I have given my mind cues so that my unconscious processes will come up with the right words interwoven with the rights sounds and the right feelings so that I may do the very best I can for my clients.

The process may takes minutes; it may take hours, days, even weeks. But I’ll get there. How will I know when its right? I’ll feel it in every fiber of my being. A lawyer owes the client as much.

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