Deer vs. Car Accidents

Deer vs. Car Accidents

Approximately 1.5 million car-deer accidents occur each year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  These kinds of collisions are dangerous and very difficult to avoid.

Deer accidents result can result in great tragedy and economic loss—whether as a result of direct impact or otherwise.  Attempting to get out of the way of a deer may cause the vehicle to swerve off the road or veer into oncoming traffic.

Do not ignore deer crossing signs and road signs indicating their presence; they are there for a reason. Reduce your speed when you come upon them. Be especially watchful for deer around dawn and dusk when feeding may occur. If you know you are traveling through an area with a large deer population, be extra cautious.

If you see a deer on or near the road, assume more are nearby and act accordingly.

If you live in the Phoenix, Mesa or Tucson, Arizona area and you have been involved in an accident with a deer, please contact the Phoenix, Arizona office of deer accident attorney, Jerrold A. Mayro of The Mayro Law Firm today to learn what are your legal options in this matter and whether or not you are entitled to financial compensation for your losses.