Elk and Deer Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents involving deer or elk can result in catastrophic personal injury, property damage and may even cause a loss of life. While nature cannot be held accountable, occasionally another party may contribute to your deer collision and may be responsible for paying damages inflicted.

Human Negligence Resulting in Deer-Car Accidents

Animals act in unpredictable ways. This is especially true during mating season, when deer and elk activity is increased and hormones rage.

However, automobile operators and government officials are expected to act in a manner to protect the safety of roadway occupants. Common situations of negligence that may cause a deer car accident include:

  • When a government fails to remove a deer carcass from the roadway, which causes an automobile to swerve and crash
  • When a vehicle malfunction due to manufacturer or mechanic negligence results in a deer car accident
  • Allowing deer on the road in heavily deer-populated areas

Deer-Car Accident Statistics

According to State Farm, approximately 1.5 million deer car accidents occur each year. This results in approximately 150 human deaths and $1.1 billion in automobile damages.

If are involved in a deer-related auto accident and if your insurance company is responsible for claims, your insurance company should act in good faith regarding your damages to be paid. However, insurance companies sometimes attempt to skirt their legal responsibilities, forcing people to unfairly burden expenses and costs. If you have been involved in a deer car accident and suspect bad faith insurance is occurring, you need a personal injury attorney to investigate your case.

Avoiding Deer Car Accidents

Deer collisions can result in massive medical bills and emotional stress. In order to best avoid a deer car accident, be sure to:

  • Drive slowly in areas you know have large deer populations
  • Deer are herd animals, which means that if you see one, more will likely follow
  • Always be on the lookout and maintain awareness of your surroundings, particularly during mating season
  • Watch for road signs indicating the presence of elk or deer

Deer car and elk car accidents require the skill of a personal injury attorney in order to determine if another party is responsible for paying damages inflicted. If you have struck a deer in the Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson, Arizona area, please contact The Mayro Law Firm today or call (602) 604-8400 to schedule a consultation with Mr. Mayro.