Common Causes of Car Accidents

While automobiles have permitted our society greater personal independence, when impaired hands get behind the wheel, or poor weather and roadway conditions exist, this freedom can cause catastrophic personal injury. Regardless of your driving skills and awareness, factors outside of our control exist that may cause an auto accident.

Neglect of Traffic Regulations

At one point or another, almost every driver has broken a traffic law. While these infractions may seem minor, neglecting legal regulations that other vehicles and pedestrians abide by compromises the well being of fellow, roadway occupants. Common traffic regulations broken by drivers that result in an auto accident include:

  • Running a stop sign
  • Disobeying traffic signals
  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Tailgating
  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Texting

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and/or Alcohol

Drunk driving accidents often result in catastrophic injury. By consuming toxins to an illegal level, a driver’s reaction time and judgment are impaired, compromising their ability to operate an automobile.

Defective Vehicles

While manufacturers often recall defective vehicles, recalls generally do not occur until after many parties have sustained serious personal injury or even death.

Additionally, if a mechanic was negligent in their professional responsibility to properly fix a vehicle, or an owner delayed repairs, they may be held accountable for their negligence if an auto accident occurs.

Poor Road Conditions & Bad Weather

Poor road conditions combined with dangerous weather, such as heavy winds, sand storms, rain or ice, is a lethal combination. While Mother Nature cannot be held accountable, if local officials were negligent in addressing dangerous roadways and their negligence caused an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Sleep Deprivation

A mind deprived of sleep is just as dangerous as a bloodstream contaminated with alcohol. While energy drinks may provide a driver with an immediate burst of awareness, driving in this manner is dangerous and unsustainable.

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