Brain Injuries in High School Sports

Brain Injuries in High School Sports

When a high school football player suffers a hard hit and gets up again, most people assume that he has not been seriously injured. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to sustain a concussion without being knocked out. In fact, it is believed less than 10% of athletes who suffer concussions lose consciousness. Because of this, many high school athletes have played without knowing they had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Every year, about 136,000 high school student athletes suffer concussions. This is troubling considering the fact that teenage brains are still growing and maturing at this stage in their lives. Overcompetitive coaches have tried to downplay a student’s potential injury. Many students have done the same in an attempt to get back into the game. It is important that these students are carefully examined to ensure they are not put at risk.

If your child has suffered a brain injury while playing high school sports, experienced injury attorney Jerrold Mayro can help ensure rights are protected. In many situations, the long-term consequences of head injuries are unknown at the time the incident occurred.

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